About CloudCt.tech


"No one knows it better [community issues], than those who experience it first hand. Listen."

What is Cloud City.tech?

Cloudct.tech is a public analytics portal that visualizes citizen feedback into graphs that can be used to detect sentiments, trends, and public opinion. The goal is to encourage citizens to participate and give structured feedback on the issues within their city/municipality and rate the quality of services of the city/municipal government services.  The citizens’ responses will be then visualized, analyzed, and used to inform local governments and stakeholders to help improve their services and address urgent issues in the community.

Pilot City 
Cloudct.tech is linked to the official feedback page of Legazpi city: Cloud Legazpi Feedback Portal.
Piloted in Legazpi city, Cloudct.tech opens up feedback data from the Legazpi website to the public,  to encourage residents and visitors of Legazpi city to give structured feedback. Furthermore, Cloudct.tech encourages researchers to use live data to help them come up with the most relevant researches and innovations that would benefit the community.
Who are Involved?
The Cloudct.tech portal is a project by Layertech Software Labs, Inc. with support and Funding from InnovateGov.
Local implementors and partners are Bicol University through the College of Science – Computer Science Information Technology Department, and Southern Luzon Technological College Foundation, Inc.  
What are the Objectives of this Portal?
  • To encourage citizens to give STRUCTURED feedback and participate in the continuous improvement of their LGU’s services
  • To promote DATA-DRIVEN decision making in Local Government Units
  • To produce GOOD QUALITY DATASETS which can be used by researchers and innovators
  • To encourage local students, researchers, and innovators to conduct studies and create innovations that would help solve issues of their respective Local Governments.


Where do we get feedback data?

Feedback data is collected from various sources:

  1. We collect feedback data using the in-house feedback forms in the "Feedback Portal" section.
  2. From time to time, we also 'scrape' data from Social Media platforms such as Facebook.
  3. Sometimes, we collect feedback offline (using survey forms and the like) and digitize them!

Who collects feedback data?

The in-house feedback forms are available 24/7. We let our partner LGUs and organizations encourage their constituents or target respondents to use the link and give feedback.

For specific analysis projects, we have partner researchers (mostly from the academia) who scrapes feedback data from social media platforms. if manual surveys are needed for a study, our partners collect manual data, which we jointly digitize.

how do we ensure that the feedback data is legit?

That's a tricky question! in many cases, respondents hold back with their feedback if they are requested to log-in or give their identity. the team (and our partners) are constantly looking for ways to balance anonymity and credibility of feedback using several tools.

1. we are using (and constantly exploring) machine learning tools to 'score' credibility of anonymous feedback. *link to papers here*

2. we supplement feedback data collected in-site, with data collected from other platforms.

3. got ideas? e-mail us! 🙂

Who analyzes feedback data collected?

the site has a public dashboard of feedback data. while it can be a helpful lead, we don't encourage relying solely on this dashboard when making important decisions!

we are always communicating and working with partner LGUs, its stakeholders, and partner researchers from the academe to constantly use feedback data in this portal, and come up with studies, recommendations, and innovations related to their localities.

Which feedback data gets visualized in the analytics section?

currently, the public dashboard displays feedback data collected by in-house forms. the feedback data that passes the 'filters' are automatically tabulated.

we are currently working on the integration of other APIs, to allow our partners to integrate feedback data collected outside the site, with the dashboard. please wait for updates!

What extra features do i get with an admin account?

admin accounts have access to their own dashboard with extra features. admin accounts can view queries addressed to their institutions/lgus and monitor responsiveness. admin accounts can quickly update 'actions taken' and view improvements over time.

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Want Data? Partner with us!

We are inviting Local Government Units, Universities, Organizations, and Institutions, that work with Citizen Feedback and Analytics to partner with us, and get weekly analytics and insights for FREE!


  • Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
  • Must be willing to update ‘actions taken’ and follow portal best practices.