Data Collection and Analytics for Citizen-centric Smart Cities

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Today, we are living in a world where public opinion, comments, ratings are all over the internet. In fact, the performance of many businesses, organizations, and institutions are now severely affected by online comments and ratings alone.

This vast ocean of comments, ratings and unstructured opinion written online, however, can be a powerful tool to better connect the citizens with their governments.

In 2017, Layertech Software Labs  pushed for the idea of a citizen-centric smart city through structured collection, visualization and analysis of citizen feedback at the Local Government level. The feedback data collected can be used by the local government as a powerful tool to better connect with the citizens, hear the sentiments of the different sectors, help in their project prioritization and resource allocation, and overall strategic planning for their improvements and future activities.

During the Open Data Innovation Week  2017 by Open Data Labs in Jakarta,  the team developed a three-part tool that can be used as a guide by developers working for Local Government Units in the Philippines to systematically collect data, and generate a table that displays the public satisfaction score of each service and department under their city/municipal hall.

A three-part tool is available on the Open Data Labs Website:



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