Digital Consultation with the Youth of Himamaylan City

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Himamaylan City, in partnership with Makati Business Club and The Asia Foundation, conducted an online consultation with its youth constituents to identify which SK projects should be prioritized and funded by the local government. The digital consultation lasted from September 7 until September 30, 2022, wherein 455 voters in Himamaylan City participated.

After the data collection process, the survey data collected has undergone a data-science and Natural Language Processing (NLP) approach to analyze and gain insights from the data. In the analysis of the vote, the most voted program per category is as seen below:

  • PROJECT HULAT: comprehensive educational campaign on reproductive health
  • Eskolar ni SK: Financial assistance to cover miscellaneous school expenses
  • Youth Leadership Summits
  • “Basura Mo, Premyo Mo” drive

In the analysis of the most frequent words obtained from the open-ended question, (2) classes were established: concerns and suggestions of the participants. The key considerations are teenage pregnancy, mental health, and drug problems. On the other hand, the tips are mental health awareness campaigns and student educational assistance. To support the insights mined, thematic analysis using the Gibbs Sampling Dirichlet Multinomial Mixture (GDSMM) has been conducted. From the analysis, (5) central themes were obtained in which teenage pregnancy, mental health awareness, and educational assistance were also mentioned, including education crisis and SK programs that help the youth.

The bigram network analysis also explains the co-occurrence of the term ‘issues’ with teenage pregnancy, mental health issues, and drugs and alcohol addiction which further supports the results of the initial analyses. In conclusion, the main concerns affecting the Himamaylan youth and its program suggestions obtained from each analysis are consistent.

The following are the recordings of the Citizen Assemblies:

[September 07, 2022] Strengthening Youth Policy through Digital Democracy in Himamaylan, Negros Occidental: Opening Assembly:

[September 30, 2022] Strengthening Youth Policy through Digital Democracy in Himamaylan, Negros Occidental: Closing Assembly:

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