2023 Consolidated Report – Community Engagement Survey on the Performance of the Philippine National Police Regional Office 5 (PNPRO5)

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The Philippine National Police Regional Office 5 (PNPRO5) is mandated to enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, maintain peace and order, and ensure public safety and internal security while maintaining a strong partnership with stakeholders. PNPRO5 is committed to ensuring that its efforts to keep the community safe and secure are relevant to and felt by the community. With this, the PNPRO5, partnered with the CloudCT project in conducting an online community engagement survey to better understand how the agency can make its activities more effective and relevant to the community’s needs.

In the year 2023, the CloudCT project conducted a total of three (3) survey iterations, from March to November 2023. This document outlines the consolidated report for the three survey iterations in 2023.

The most liked and disliked programs the respondents mentioned are very similar across the three survey iterations. The most frequently
mentioned programs are Kasimbayanan and other community-based, multi-stakeholder programs. As for the disliked programs, the majority of respondents answered ‘none’, however, there are a few mentions of complaints about the implementation of checkpoints, the campaign against illegal drugs, the attitude of some officers, and the lack of visibility in rural areas. When asked about the top crimes the police should look into, the most frequently mentioned crimes are those involving the youth, followed by sexual harassment, rape, and violence against women and children. Finally, the open-ended feedback mostly comprises encouragement for the PNPRO5 to continue with the good community-based programs, and ensure that the mandate is fulfilled fairly, respectfully, and with integrity.

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