April 2023 Results: Community Engagement Survey Report on the Performance of the Philippine National Police Region 5 Office (PNPRO5)

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The Philippine National Police Regional Office 5 (PNPRO5) is mandated to enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, maintain peace and order, and ensure public safety and internal security while maintaining a strong partnership with stakeholders. PNPRO5 is committed to ensuring that its efforts keep the community safe and secure are relevant to and felt by the community. With this, the PNPRO5, partnered with the CloudCT project to conduct an online community engagement survey to understand better how the agency can make its activities more effective and relevant to the community’s needs.

In partnership with the CloudCT Project and its collaborators PNPRO5, it rolled out the second Community Engagement Survey, which ran from March 15 to April 17, 2023. One of the issues encountered by the CloudCT team in the previous survey roll-out was recording survey responses from PNP Personnel, which tends to positively influence the results. Another problem encountered in the previous survey collection was the significantly unequal distribution of respondents among provinces. Learning from the previous roll-out, the April 2023 run gave special attention to engaging CSO partners to disseminate the survey tools, and the CloudCT team constantly monitoring responses from various provinces. Finally, responses from PNP personnel were also filtered out, prior to tabulating and analyzing the survey results.

The survey was presented to the PNP Regional Director and representatives from all MPOs in the Region, on May 2, 2023. During the presentation of the results, the PNP offices discussed and proposed the next steps in response to the survey results. Some of the suggestions include: revisiting and ensuring that the PNP personnel properly, calmly, and respectfully explain motorist violations; conducting information dissemination regarding the role of the Police and their projects; ensuring fair treatment among stakeholders; and continuing and improving community outreach programs. Members of the advisory council also suggested tapping the youth and social media in their information dissemination campaigns.

It was also observed that when the survey turned digital, giving respondents anonymity, the overall trust and security rating slightly decreased, despite still being high overall. The CloudCT team and partners continuously find ways to balance anonymity and ensuring truthful feedback, as well as inclusive deployment of results through digital tools.

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