Using Feedback Data to Inform Policy and Implementation of Low-speed Streets in Pasig

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In a joint project with Makati Business Club and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (The Digital Democracy Project), Pasig City consulted with their residents about their sentiments on the enforcement of the 30 kph speed limit in their urban centers. The survey was conducted via platform, where respondents were presented with 54 statements related to the topic. For each statement, respondents voted either ‘agree’, ‘disagree’, or ‘pass’.

As the data science partner, Layertech and partner researchers from the Academia further processed the collected survey data which ran for a total of 18 days. At the closing [online] citizen assembly, the data results were presented to Pasig city and stakeholders. Primary concerns and key points of conversations were highlighted and discussed by stakeholders and representatives from the local government.

See the report below:

Apart from the “agree”, “disagree”, and “pass” votes, qualitative comments were also analyzed by partner academe using topic modelling.

A paper [preprint] containing a more detailed analysis paper is available upon request. Please follow this page for updates on this study.

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